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Letter: Veterans Day program was outstanding

I don't intend to hog the editorial page, but I feel strongly compelled to write this one.

I attended the Veterans Day ceremony at the Worthington High School, after having a free breakfast at Hy-Vee. Thank you Hy-Vee and the other establishments for these meals; it is much appreciated.

I have never been more proud of my school! I want to thank Allison Jaycox, Amy Schutte and Deann Naab for their words about our flag, the pledge and origin of Veterans Day. I want to thank Mr. Loy and his fantastic band, Ms. Johnson and her fantastic choir, and to Mr. and Mrs. Duane Anderson of their beautiful rendition of the song "Letters from War." Thank you Mr. Karelis and whoever else helped organize and set up this ceremony. It meant a lot to me and all the veterans I have spoken to.

Of course, I want to thank Major Haugem for his message and especially for his service to our country. Lastly, I want to thank my veteran family and my best friend -- my brother Steve Anderson, a recipient of a Bronze Star Medal with a Combat "V' for valor.

Oh, yeah: Thanks to State Champion Mubarik Musa and All-State O.J. Ojullu!