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Letter: Exchange student settled with second German family

On Nov. 24, my year was one third over with already! I just cannot believe how fast it is going; it seems like just yesterday I was saying my goodbyes and boarding the plane. I feel that I have really settled in to the German lifestyle now, and my German speaking is improving every day. I am participating in a few sports here, the same as what I do at home -- swimming, volleyball and gymnastics. School and sports last from mid September until the end of July.

On Oct. 29, during the fall break, I had the opportunity to go to Nürnberg, Germany, as an educational trip with the swim team. We took the train to Nürnberg and went to a children's museum, a park, and took a tour of the underworld of Nürnberg -- what life was like living down in tunnels. It was a very fun and interesting day. And of all places in the world we ate at the one place you can eat about anywhere -- McDonald's!

On Nov. 4, I moved to my second host family. It was very hard to leave the Wiesers because it was just wonderful living there. However, I have adjusted quickly to the Grüners, and it is going just as well. The Grüners live in a village right by Crailsheim called Roter Buck. I am a little bit closer to school, and my host mom drives us to and from school every day rather than riding our bicycles. One thing I am still adjusting to is I don't have a little brother to pick on. Haha!

Like I said, my year is about one-third of the way over, and it is going so quickly! At the beginning I thought to myself I am going away for a whole year, how am I ever going to do this? Now I am thinking I only have one year. Being an exchange student and learning a new language is one of the best decisions I have ever made!