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Letter: Pawlenty travel story shouldn't have been on front page

Please refer to the Saturday edition, Dec. 5, front page, the article titled, "Pawlenty, other aspirants travel for foreign cred." Editor, publisher, and others: Read it with some care and see if you agree with me that this Associated Press release is not a news article.

Even though I might agree with a little of what was reported, it is my opinion that the majority of the article is but AP writer opinion and (sometimes cynical) commentary, therefore not qualifying as a front-page news item. This kind of stuff belongs on the opinion page of the newspaper.

With fondness, I look back to the day when major newspapers had their own staff writers and journalists, and then also had access to AP wire service as well as United Press International. UPI is no longer, and smaller newspapers cannot have a complete complement of their own writers for all coverage, so they must depend on monopolistic AP for "news." Observant readers know where AP's alliances are. Therefore, I encourage you to be alert to this kind of so-called news reporting and then relegate the same either to the opinion (editorial) page or the waste basket, but certainly not to the front page of the newspaper. Thank you very much.