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Letter: Another month, another host family

Another month has gone by--my time in Crailsheim is flying by.

Since Feb. 1, I have been living with my third host family, the Meisers. My host parents are Bernd and Martina, and I have four little sisters -- Sarah (13), Sophia (9), Luisa (5), and Paulina (11 months).

It is fun to have young siblings around again, as two of them are the same age as my siblings at home! I already knew Sarah from volleyball and school.

They are a wonderful family, and I have felt comfortable living with them since the day I moved in!

We recently had a week off of school from Feb. 15-19 for Fasching. Fasching is something like Halloween; everyone dresses up in costumes, there are parties and a parade.

We had a lot of fun, and it was nice having a break from school. At the end of the week, from Feb. 18-21, Bernd, Martina, Sarah, a friend of Sarah's, Paulina and I went to Austria on a ski trip. We were able to go skiing, swimming, and tobogganing. It was a great trip. Austria is a very beautiful country.

On Feb. 23, we had a Crailsheim-Worthington Committee meeting, and I found out the next exchange student from Crailsheim who I will be bringing home with me in July -- David Etzel.

David will be 17 on March 27 and he has 2 brothers -- Raphael (14) and Ruben (9), so his family is very similar to mine.

I only have about 5 months left in Germany, and I don't even want to think about having to leave. I love it here!

Current exchange student,

Nicole Janssen

Crailsheim, Germany