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As others see it: New Vikings stadium unlikely this year

The clock is ticking down for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010 and it may be time for a two-minute drill.

Most of Friday focused on the Vikings' quarterback Brett Favre and the possibility of needed ankle surgery. Do not worry; the continuing ankle injury just gives Favre a reason to miss training camp. He likely will arrive in Minnesota in time for the regular season.

However, Favre is not on the clock -- at least not yet.

The clock is running down now on any Vikings' stadium chances for 2010.

The Vikings' stadium desire faces a dwindling possibility for numerous reasons.

  • State leadership is fractured with a Democratic-led Legislature and a lame-duck Republican governor, making any agreement difficult, if not impossible.
  • The Democratic legislative leaders remain lukewarm to the idea, believing that waiting until 2011 is a better option due to the possibility of a Democrat as governor.
  • Gov. Tim Pawlenty has no incentive to back any stadium financing for a professional sports team, which could harm his Republican presidential endorsement hopes.
  • Minneapolis officials have rejected the concept of extending a city sales tax, which currently funds the city's convention center.
  • Most members of the Legislature are seeking re-election in November and public stadium funding is not much of a vote getter in election years.
  • The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has announced opposition to a metro-wide 2.5 percent hotel and lodging tax to fund a stadium.
  • Most importantly, the legislative calendar is now a tight rope with the Legislature's adjournment just weeks away. If a stadium bill is not introduced early next week, the issue is likely dead for 2010.

    While we would like to see some type of creative deal developed to fund a new Vikings stadium, the stars do not appear to be aligning properly this spring.

Viking stadium hopes may have to "wait until next year."