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Letter: Emmer, Demmer would boost businesses, consumers

Just like you, I was thinking about the economy the other day as I listened to the latest report on the lack of consumer confidence. Since consumer confidence drives consumer spending, which in turn drives the economy, I got to wondering what would make consumers more confident or less confident.

The first thing that struck me was how much people and companies are worried about the effects of the Democrats' healthcare legislation. Then I thought about taxes. It's hard to be extremely confident about your finances when you don't know what to expect your taxes to be.

Tim Walz is a proven tax-and-spender on the national level, and Mark Dayton promises to do the same on the state level. It seems to me that guys like Tom Emmer and Randy Demmer who are against big taxes and bigger spending would instill a lot more confidence in a lot more consumers and businesses. As nervous as most people are about the future, do we really want to make them (and us) more nervous about the "change" that's coming down the road?

As this election season rolls around, I'd like to suggest that we look at candidates like Tom Emmer and Randy Demmer who voice confidence in us, and back away from the kind of guys whose confidence lies in the ability of the political elite to tax and spend our way to confidence