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Letter: Walz will keep working to help veterans

I am writing to urge veterans to support the re-election of Congressman Tim Walz. Congressman Tim has delivered for veterans while working for us in Washington, D.C.

In January 2008, Congress passed a law allowing National Guard and Reservists to receive retired pay early based upon war-time mobilization. This is a tremendous benefit for our citizen soldiers. I know because I have personally benefited from this legislation for my deployment to Iraq last year. Tim is working to extend this benefit to all that have been mobilized since Sept. 11, 2001.

On Tim's watch, Congress has also enacted a landmark update to the GI Bill that has restored value of college educations for our veterans that had been eroding over time.

Most recently, Tim has cosponsored legislation seeking to grant Title 38 "Veteran" status to drilling National Guard and Reservists that have faithfully served for 20 years or more, but have never been mobilized. (HR 3787).

Much of this legislation was achieved with bipartisan support. Both parties have worked to accomplish significant legislation for veterans, and Congressman Walz was one of many that reached across the aisle to get this done. I know Tim Walz, and he will work without regard to party affiliation to get things done for Veterans.

Veterans need to keep this retired Command Sergeants Major working in Congress. Vote for Congressman Tim Walz

Thank you for your time and consideration.