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Letter: Democrats need support on Nov. 2

The outcome of the upcoming election largely rests in our hands. The party that is able to successfully mobilize its voting base will win this election; it is as simple as that. That is how we won in 2008.

To help advertise our leadership, I have a garage full of signs. You are welcome to come to 1715 North Douglas, or call 376-4547 to get the signs you would like.

Right here in Minnesota, we polled 293,763 votes in 2008. We need to get those voters out to the polls to support the Democrats this fall.

Empowered by a recent Supreme Court ruling that removes the limits on how much corporations and other special interests can spend on elections, the GOP's allies are spending unprecedented amounts of money to influence the election.

This is what you are fighting. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has opposed many of President Obama's initiatives, has committed to spend $75 million dollars to oppose us. Our leadership has already counted more than $201 million by only 10 Republican-allied special interest groups that want to defeat the Democratic party in November. Other Republican shadow groups like the Tea Party will add to this amount.

Give me a call or stop by. Come and help me get the word out.