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Letter: Pro-life issues have not been brought forth enough

I know we are all aware of the brash television ads either praising or attacking the candidates. One topic seems to be missing in those ads -- the subject of abortion.

Stop and think about that. Since the 1995 Doe vs. Gomez court decision, which instituted tax-refund funding of elected abortions in the state of Minnesota, more than $15 million of state money has paid for the killing of nearly 50,000 children. In 2008, "the most recent figures," tax payers were billed $1.5 billion for 3,754 abortions. If pro-life Minnesotans thought fully on behalf of the unborn, we can bring taxpayer funding of abortions to an end.

This year's elections are crucial. Who we elect to Congress will determine the expense to which pro-rationing and pro-abortion health care policies are implemented in Minnesota and across the country in the next few years.

Remember to vote pro-life on Nov. 2. Lives are on the line.