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Letter: 'We are in an economic war'

Of course, there has been no cost of living increase. We have learned to live on less. The 39 ounces of coffee is now 34 ounces. The 129-ounce jug of anything is now 96 ounces. Some cereals have gone from 18 ounces to 12 ounces. Sixteen ounces of bacon is now 12 ounces. They have tired to change gasoline to the metric; that would confuse the public.

I can go on and on. It makes you wonder about the price index. You can fool most of the public all the time.

The voters are sharpening of guillotine. It awaits those who will not work in a bipartisan way to solve our country's problems.

Through deficit trade, we are borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Arabs. The dollar becomes worth less each day. Our truck drivers will soon be paying $4 a gallon for diesel. They better make sure they have the return trip covered.

We cannot import farmland, so it pushing more than $6,000. This is a very dangerous situation. Only two groups can buy land; the farmer that has land to use as collateral and big money from who knows where. The farmer could lose it all, as there will be no bailout money.

When will the bubble burst? This can be all doom and gloom or a bright future. It depends on action taken in a bipartisan way to save our economy. We are in a economic war with all the consequences of World War II.