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Letter: Band education in Worthington is outstanding

Jeannette Jenson, who directs the fifth-grade band, provides a solid foundation for students to build upon. Mike Andersen makes band fun by selecting music that the sixth- through eighth-grade students enjoy, continues to provide strong individual instruction and leads several jazz ensembles. All three of my sons have had the privilege of learning from these two excellent directors.

Just this spring, we enjoyed attending the jazz band program that was held at BenLee's. I thought listening to jazz by student musicians at a local coffeehouse created a relaxing and fun atmosphere for the performers and audience members alike.

In May, all of the bands performed a year-end concert together at Worthington High School. It was impressive to see how much the students' skills develop from fifth grade through high school. Our local band directors know how to bring out the best in their students, resulting in high quality concerts.

Finally, this summer our oldest son started participating in the high school band under the direction of Jon Loy. This has been an excellent experience as well. I observed the upperclassmen welcoming the freshmen and demonstrating a positive attitude toward integrating the freshman into the band. I know this doesn't just happen; it is fostered by Mr. Loy and the other marching band leaders. After one intense week of rehearsals, parents were invited to a parent preview. I was genuinely impressed the quality of the sound and the showmanship demonstrated by our local high school band members. Following the parent preview, the band kicked off its parade season by marching in the Windom River Fest parade. The band represented our community and school district very well!

The Spirit of Worthington Trojan Marching Band will march in three more parades this week. The closest parade will be at Fulda on Saturday. I encourage area residents to come out to support the band there.