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Letter: Support 'Use or Return' initiative

It is hard to feel sorry for Worthington's Mayor Alan Oberloh for his blaming the lack of LGA funding for rising property taxes. The leadership of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC) could have reversed that loss of LGA funding. For years we have been pleading for help from the CGMC for passage of our no-cost "Creative Freedom Act" so that we might be free to create more new products, new businesses, new jobs and new tax revenue to boost LGA funds. All we ever got was the cold shoulder.

Minnesota's fiscal problems will continue until we decide to stop our major employers from blocking potential new business and job opportunities. What? To reverse this destructive policy, we are proposing a no-cost revision of Minnesota's labor laws to require employers to simply "Use or Return" all employee inventions that the firm is claiming.

The proposed no-cost, "Use or Return" initiative aims to prohibit employers from the common destructive practice of claiming and then blocking unwanted employee inventions (so no one can produce new products and good jobs with them). It promises to permanently stimulate both Minnesota's employers and employees to make much better use of our innate creativity -- all at NO COST, ever. If employers stood to lose ownership of employee inventions, they would start to develop them and thus create many good, private-sector jobs.

This reform promises to restore and sustain more manufacturing jobs (and cutting edge technology) within Minnesota, because really new products seldom produce enough initial sales volume to make high-volume offshore production profitable.

All Minnesotans should pressure their legislators to revive, update and pass SF 78 this upcoming session.