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Letter: Columnist wrong on Voter ID

Phil Krinkie is speculating as to the negative impact of requiring photo IDs to vote. He and most of the Republican-controlled Legislature supposedly don't understand why there should be a problem with requiring photo IDs.

Mr. Krinkie is the epitome of the problem. He is one of the ruling class from a Charles Dickens novel, and he sees nothing wrong with this. With the heavy influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, to do much of the menial labor that we no longer wish to do, there is little concern for affordable, adequate housing, or any other day-to-day concern, let alone worry about a photo ID. We would rather complain about the impact that this has on our society than to seek a way to help.

Our small outstate communities are becoming havens for social dropouts from large cities and small communities. They are "under the radar" as long as they don't commit a felony and they continue trying to exist on a minimum wage. They don't understand that this is impossible, and ultimately seek some kind of help from the cities, counties or community action agencies. In the process, they become "job security" for those who work in the social service areas, and they simply perpetuate their own condition be becoming part of "the system."

By the way, we recently attempted to help, to some extent, with their health care issue, but the conservatives would rather simply have us pay the bill for them by raising our own middle class insurance rates. After all, we can't expect poor people to have insurance, and certainly not through some government mandate. Let's just have them walk into the emergency room and the working people will take care of it! I'm sure that our Republican legislators can come up with a much better idea that we in Minnesota can implement (or maybe not).

The Republican-controlled legislature just took a giant step toward maintaining the status quo for our poor. Keep your eyes open because eventually, these people are going to storm the bastille. Then you may realize just how ludicrous your political and social ideas have become.