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Letter: Year in Germany draws nearer to its close

Hello Worthington!

Another month has run from my fingertips as I finish out my year in Germany. I can't believe where the year has gone!

Since the beginning of June I have continued to be traveling a lot. In the first week of June we didn't have any school because of spring break. During the break I got to go with my host family to the island Rügen. The island is up in north Deutschland on the North and East Sees. On the way to Rügen, we stopped in Hamburg for the night. Hamburg is also located on a harbor and is a very beautiful city. A highlight from Hamburg was going to the musical "The Lion King" with my three host sisters. It was a fabulous performance. We got to ride on a ferry boat to get to the theater, which was very neat. We only spent one night in Hamburg (which is not enough time), but we were all excited to get to the island.

After finally getting to the island we were all awed by how beautiful it is. In northern Germany there are no hills, but it is just gorgeous. To get to the island we had to take the Strelasund Crossing, which is a bridge that is about 9,000 feet long that connects Germany to the island. During our week on the island we did a lot of bicycling and hiking to the beautiful corners and beaches of the island. One of my favorite attractions was the white "chalk cliffs" that Rügen is well known for. I found these white cliffs very interesting and beautiful. Since we were already so far north we decided to take a day trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. We took a boat that is comparable to Titanic -- about four hours, where we then spent the day. It was very cool to see where the Royal family of Denmark lives.

After school started up again in mid-June I have continued to travel. I then went for the weekend with my second host family to Munich. This was now the fourth time I have been there, but it continues to be one of my favorite cities in Germany. However, this was the first time the weather was very nice, so then we spent an evening in the English Garden. The garden is a huge park with rivers and ponds that go through. It was a very fun time to spend time in such a special place with the Binder family.

I now only have a couple more weeks in our partner city. I know the last couple weeks will go very fast, but I am very much looking forward to the time I have. I am most excited for Crailsheim's Culture Weekend, which is next week. This festival was my first weekend in Crailsheim last year when I came here with the Worthington City Band and I/we really enjoyed it. I am very thankful for the year that I have just had, and more importantly the people I have met!