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Letter: Spain, sailing trips start student's adventure

Community members of Worthington, it has been an incredible time in Germany so far!

Within four days of my arrival, I went to a two-week long camp in Spain. I traveled with a Christian group organization. About 30 kids ages 14-17 boarded a bus with seven chaperones. In 20 hours we reached our first destination, the mountains of northern Spain. There I tried out some really fun activities like rock climbing, mountain biking and water trekking. My favorite was rock climbing. The second week we stayed on a fantastic beach on a part of the Mediterranean Sea. I had the opportunity to take windsurfing lessons, tube in the water on the "banana boat" (which was an eight-person tube) and relax on the beach. I was able to take a day trip to Barcelona, where we saw the "Sagrada Familia." This Catholic Cathedral stands over 557 feet tall and is an incredible sight. Spain was a great experience, and it is unbelievably beautiful with its amazing scenery.

Then, I had about a week at home with the Meiser family. They are really wonderful, and I love to spend time with them. There are four girls in the family, so it's always interesting. Reading books with my 4-year old sister, Paulina, has really helped my German. I vacationed with the Meisers to "Bodensee," or Lake Constance in English. The lake borders the countries of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We sailed for two and a half weeks and visited many awesome cities. Some of my favorites were Konstanz, Lindau and Meersburg. At night we slept on the yacht in a harbor; every harbor we stayed was beautiful. The best part about sailing was relaxing on the boat with my family.

This past weekend I went to Truck-Trail. It was a really exciting place where large trucks were off-roading. Later that afternoon I went to "Sichelhenket." This is a festival that the village of Rossfeld has every year. People race their pig down a track in the street for the best time. After the races there was a band playing, lots of good food and activities for the kids.

My start in Germany has been wonderful. The people are very friendly and helpful. I attend school at the Lise-Meitner Gymnasium. School starts at 7:25 a.m., but three days a week we finish by 12:40 p.m. The other two days school ends at 4 p.m. I've had a great start, and I look forward to the time ahead.