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Letter: Stop the smear, support Oberloh

Working alongside Mayor Alan Oberloh of Worthington as a fellow mayor, I know firsthand that he has been an honorable and effective leader, fighting to keep property taxes down and bring economic growth to our region. That's why I'm disgusted that out-of-state special interests are calling voters and smearing the good reputation of Mayor Oberloh and his family.

Mayor Oberloh's opponents should stop the lies immediately. This sort of dirty campaigning has no place here -- we want honest conversations about the issues that matter. Folks should be casting their vote based on the candidate who can best help create private jobs in our area, grow our rural economy and hold property taxes down. In that regard, you won't find a finer candidate than Alan Oberloh.

Mayor Oberloh is an honest, straightforward and independent leader who has worked with people from all political parties and perspectives. He will not be part of the gridlock that shut state government down and left us with big property tax increases and a big state budget deficit. Just like he has for Worthington, Alan Oberloh will go to St. Paul to get the job done and create new opportunities for growth.

Don't let shameful lies from outside special interests influence our local election. For the good of our region, I am supporting Mayor Alan Oberloh for State Senate, and I encourage you to do the same.