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Letter: Band reunion event an honor to be part of

What an overwhelming experience for me Sept. 15 at Memorial Auditorium. Fifty years ago last November, I came to Worthington to be with Darlene and Jane Niemeyer as they prepared to bury their parents, Jerry and Iva Niemeyer. Certain memories and emotions are permanently etched in our souls for a lifetime. This was one of those times. To return to Memorial Auditorium for the "Salute to Excellence" concert in honor of Jerry and his successor, Glenn Evensen, cannot be described in words.

As a professor at Luther College, I had the good fortune to have taught both Glenn and his beautiful wife, Naomi, as well as Darlene and Jane, Richard Larson, and a number of other talented WHS alumni. Glenn and I had a unique relationship at Luther College. Although he was my student, we were both veterans of WWII and shared a unique brotherhood. On Sept. 15, I was honored to meet Glenn's son, Randy, who, I am told, brought his father's contagious spirit and energy to the entire weekend.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your weekend and for your community's continued support of music for a lifetime.