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Letter: Weber - we can make Minnesota better

In recent days, I have been truly disappointed to see that my opponent and his supporters have resorted to age-old political tactics of trying to focus attention away from the very serious and important issues we face. They accuse me of personal attacks on him and his wife. I have never done such, nor authorized any type of personal attack on the Worthington mayor, his wife who serves as Worthington city clerk, or any other member of his family.

In upcoming days, as in the past months, I continue my pledge to focus on the serious issues -- the need to grow our economy, increase jobs, expand our tax base and reform our tax codes. By accomplishing this, as well as lifting burdensome regulations, our economy can truly prosper. With a stronger economy and more jobs, we can provide increased revenue for education, transportation and human services, rather than simply raise tax rates on those who remain.

It is wrong for any candidate or supporter to try to shift attention away from what is truly needed in state government. This is a disservice to the citizens of this district, and I trust the voters see it for what it is. With everyone working in concert, we can solve our problems. Together we can, and together we will, make Minnesota better!