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Letter: Don't listen to special interests - support Oberloh

I have known Alan Oberloh for many years. I know him as an honest and hardworking, hands-on owner of a successful auto body shop. I know him as a family man who helped raise great kids. And, I know him as a mayor who stands up for his community and Greater Minnesota.

Special interests are spending big dollars to tell us who to vote for. To sway us, they are spreading misinformation and some outright lies about Alan. I happen to have received one of the calls. Don't listen to them.

Talk to people who know Alan. They will tell you that Alan Oberloh will be an independent voice in the state senate. As mayor, he has listened to the people of Worthington. Alan stood up for us against special interests while serving as president of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities.

Alan Oberloh is a proven independent voice for our region. On Nov. 6, I encourage you to stand up against big dollar special interests and vote for Alan Oberloh.