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Letter: Weber makes wrong choice in letter response

I was shocked when I read Bill Weber's recent letter in your newspaper. Clearly he is trying to have it both ways, benefiting from personal attacks while accusing a good man of resorting to "political tactics." Weber and I both know that gossipy phone calls filled with lies were made to households throughout the district. I know because I received one of the calls and heard the garbage it contained. As Bill Weber knows, the calls were made on his behalf, whether or not he paid for them or directly authorized them.

The right thing for Bill Weber to do was not to accuse Alan Oberloh of playing politics for standing up for his wife and setting the facts straight. The right thing to do was to publicly acknowledge the calls and pledge to do what he could to stop them.

But that is not what happened. I expected better. My choice this fall is clear. I can vote for a candidate who has allowed dirty campaign tactics to proliferate in our region, or I can vote for a candidate who is running a clean campaign focused on the issues. I am voting for the clean campaign. I am voting for Alan Oberloh.

Mary Lou Mulligan