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Letter: More to stopping abortion than voting pro-life

For 40 years, we have supported Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life and other anti-abortion groups. What have we accomplished? I just read information that said no president or elected official can change Roe vs. Wade. Because the Supreme Court enacted Roe vs. Wade, it has to reverse its own decision. It is true that a president appoints judges to the Supreme Court, but the Senate must confirm them. Judges are appointed for life, and no president is guaranteed appointments. Then, too, they ultimately do not control the judges' decision.

The practice of voting for so-called pro-life/anti-abortion candidates is futile. If Roe vs. Wade is to be reversed, it will take a constitutional amendment.

In 2003-2004, the Republicans had control of the presidency and Senate and a bill to ban abortion was passed, but it was blocked by the National Abortion Federation.

I believe to eliminate abortions, we must be there to help women in unplanned pregnancies. They have to see and be supported in a way to carry their child to term. Our Helping Hand Pregnancy Center provides this.