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Letter: Volksfest celebration is a Crailsheim highlight

Worthington, another wonderful month has already passed again. Germany is an incredible place, and I find myself loving it more with every passing week.

At the same time you were celebrating Turkey Day, the Volksfest was occurring here. It is an absolutely amazing festival. There is so much great German food and sweets. Crepes, wurst, french fries and chocolate-dipped fruits were some of my favorites. On the first day of the celebration we (Sarah and I) met with some members of the committee, past exchange students and tourists from Poland. Together we enjoyed free rides on all the attractions, courtesy of Crailsheim. The other days I met with friends from school, and it was so much fun. Sarah and I rode in the parade, which occurs on two different days during the celebration. We were very lucky; Auto-Meiser (our parents) got us a brand new black Chevy Camaro Cabrio to ride in. It was so cool. The celebration lasted for four days.

On the last day of the celebration my family took me to Ludwigsburg, the site of a very beautiful castle. Everything in the town was decorated with pumpkins for fall. This tradition comes from Switzerland, so there were many figures created in the Swiss spirit. Massive figures were made from pumpkins -- for example, cows and a Swiss-Army knife.

Then it was back to school for about two weeks. On the 3rd of October, German Unity Day is celebrated all over Germany to commemorate the reuniting of East Germany and West Germany. As most of you know, following World War II Germany was divided into two sectors: the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany. Although the Berlin wall came down on Nov. 9, 1989, it took until Oct. 3, 1990, for the German ratification of the "Treaty of Unification" to become official. I spent the day with friends of the family Meiser, Werner and Suzy Kranz. Werner and I spent the morning on the Autobahn and other roads of Germany touring the countryside. In the afternoon we all went sailing on Brombachsee. This is a lake about an hour away from Crailsheim. It was really a fun day.

Most recently I have been to the Muswiese celebration in Musdorf. It's a little like Volksfest, but with many more great shops. The same great food is also there. School is going well. It's very difficult, but I have a lot of fun with the people in my class. I'm really enjoying my time in Germany and I'll keep you up to date next month.