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Letter: Ignore unfair attacks, vote for Oberloh

When I opened my mailbox the other day and found another flyer attacking Alan Oberloh, I was not surprised. It seems that a big metro PAC with boatloads of money is sending out attack piece after attack piece to convince us to vote against Alan Oberloh. I guess they know that people out here would vote for Alan if they compared the two candidates on the issues. This metro PAC doesn't want us to do that. I asked myself; why do they want us to vote for Alan's opponent and why are they spending so much money to get our vote.?

I did some research into the special interest PAC in St. Paul that has been paying for the attack flyers. It calls itself Minnesota's Future, and it is a group of wealthy businessmen mostly from the Twin Cities. They are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars all across Minnesota to influence legislative races. In fact, with a different picture and name, the very same nasty flyers are being used to attack lots of candidates.

Common sense tells us these people want something for all that money. So we have to ask ourselves this: Do these ultra-wealthy businesses have my best interest or the interest of greater Minnesota at heart? I don't think so. But we know this: whatever it is they are trying to buy with their money, they believe Alan's opponent will give them.

I urge you to say "no" to the outside interest bringing nasty politics to our community. I urge you to tell metro big businesses to respect our local elections by casting your vote for Alan Oberloh.