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Letter: Crailsheim student now settled in Wortington

Hello Worthington,

I am Sophia Düll, the new exchange student from Worthington's sister City Crailsheim. I flew to America with Kayli Kuhl and am staying with the Kuhls right now. I really enjoy staying with the Kuhls; they are very nice and helpful.

In the first week, Kayli and I drove to the cities. We visited my host sister and brother. We went to the Mall of America, which was the biggest mall that I have ever seen. We had a lot of fun at Valley Fair and took a tour of the State Capital. We were on vacation in August in South Dakota, in the Black Hills. We saw the faces, and Kayli and I were in the Cave. It was so beautiful to see the rocks. We rode in a helicopter over the Badlands; that was a highlight. We also visited the Mammoth Museum. The landscape was different from in Germany, because there are a lot of hills and evergreen trees.

My favorite thing to do is hanging out with friends. All people are so friendly and nice. I was jet-skiing with Laura Wetering and we had so much fun together. Thank you, Laura! The Janssen family took me to the Cities. We watched a preseason Vikings game and visited the State Fair.

I was excited to start with the high school in August. I really like the school system, and it's really different than Germany. We don't have school all day, and we can't decide which classes we want to take. One thing that I like better here is that you can choose what you want for classes.

In September, we had the homecoming week in school. It was fun! My favorite day was on Friday, when we had the dance at school. After Homecoming, the next day it was Turkey Day. We were invited to the mayor's breakfast, which was really good. Next we went to the Turkey race. It was my first race that I saw. In the afternoon, I rode in a nice car in the parade.

I was in tennis; it was my first time playing tennis and I really liked it. I am now looking forward to swimming on the swim team and participating in the school musical.