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Letter: Attend Fulda candidate forum on Tuesday night

On Tuesday, members of the Fulda Reading Club are sponsoring a Legislative Open Forum.

Four candidates for state office have committed to be in the forum. Senate candidates Alan Oberloh and Bill Weber and House candidates Joe Schomacker (incumbent) and Gene Short will respond to your questions. Our moderator will be Jay Trusty.

All questions will be submitted in writing to our moderator, who will put the questions to the candidates for a timed response. Cards will be available at the door if you wish to submit a question anytime during the event.

We hope you will plan on attending if you are at all interested in participating with the electoral process. Our event of four years ago was well attended and favorably commented upon.

The Open Forum will be at 7 p.m. at the Fulda American Legion Hall/Community Center, located one block west of Main street (St. Paul Avenue). Refreshments will be available.

The Fulda Reading Club was organized in 1898, and our motto still is "Education Ends Only With Life." This civic event is very similar to many others that the women of previous years would have organized.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.