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Letter: Biden's comments on abortion 'disengenous'

Eight years ago, when John Kerry was the Democratic Party's candidate for president, he stated that as a Catholic he was personally opposed to abortion but that he was "pro-choice" because imposing his view on the issue upon others would constitute a violation of the concept of "separation of church and state." I wrote a letter to the editor explaining why I considered his statement on the issue to be illogical. With Vice President Biden saying something quite similar in the recent Vice Presidential Candidate's debate, I feel compelled to comment again.

The basis of my argument comes from the Declaration of Independence, in which Thomas Jefferson states that people have been endowed by God with inalienable rights and that the purpose of government is to protect those rights. The first specific right that Jefferson mentions is the right to life.

As a Republican I believe in limited government, just as Jefferson did when he opposed many of the Federalist policies of Alexander Hamilton and John Adams in the late 1700s. That doesn't mean no government at all. Government has the definite responsibility of protecting innocent human life from its beginning. Therefore, if life begins at conception, it is the government's duty to protect an innocent person's life from the point of their conception.

Women have many rights and choices concerning their bodies and reproduction. They have the right to choose between abstinence or being sexually active. If they choose to be sexually active, they have the right to choose from a wide variety of birth control methods. If faced with an unplanned pregnancy, they have the right to choose between keeping the baby or putting it up for adoption.

Abortion is not one of their legitimate rights, even though presently they have the legal license to have one. Just as my right to swing my fist ends where another person's chin begins, a woman's right over her body ends if it takes life away from another human being. I would like any person who claims to be pro-choice to answer the following question. Would you be content had your mother opted to abort you?

If life begins at some point other than conception, that point must be identified beyond a doubt before it, rather than conception, should be considered the starting spot for government protection.

As a Catholic, I find statements like those made by Vice President Biden to be disingenuous. Being pro-choice on abortion is not like eating meat on Friday during Lent or missing Mass on Sunday two or three times over the course of a year. Opposition to abortion is a basic tenet of the Catholic Church. Thus, I believe any Catholic politician who is pro-choice is more interested in getting votes than anything else. The Romney-Ryan ticket is the one that is truly concerned with human rights especially for unborn women and men.