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Letter: Weber offers proven ideas

Most of us have lived here for our entire lives or much of our lives. We remember what southwest Minnesota looks like when our people and small businesses are thriving. Locally grown businesses are what have fueled our economies for generations. It used to be that, if you worked hard enough, you could start a business here a lot easier. This just isn't possible today with the high taxes in Minnesota, and business friendly climate across the borders in South Dakota and Iowa. The more jobs and businesses we lose, the more loss in tax income for our local governments.

As a small business owner himself, Bill Weber recognizes this problem. Bill wants to see our local entrepreneurs able to start a business right here at home. Bill wants to see our talented young people starting or working for these companies, rather than move away to find more options. Bill wants to bring taxes in line with what is reasonable for our area, so this can happen.

All that I have seen from his opponent are new ways to tax us. The Marshall Independent newspaper reported on a transportation forum where both Weber and Oberloh spoke. According the article, Oberloh wants to "take a serious look at introducing toll roads" (Marshall Independent, 9/20/12). When we are paying so much in gasoline and taxes already, we don't need to add more expenses to our family budgets.

We need ideas that are proven to work, which is why I am supporting Bill Weber for State Senate. I have known Bill since he was in high school. I have always admired his ability, judgment, and common sense. I urge everyone to vote for Bill Weber.