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Letter: Time to find common ground, get to work

Since the conclusion of the election I have still read many comments on Facebook, in emails and from any number of other sources that lead me to believe that there are many individuals who are quite disgruntled about the outcome. Hopefully, those whose candidates didn't prevail will understand that they can think as they wish, but that judgments regarding social, moral or economic issues can vary widely, even within our own microcosm of society represented by rural Minnesota.

For any one group to ostracize other individuals or groups of individuals from their lives because they might differ on certain issues runs contrary to everything that our system of government stands for. We must now work on governing based on the issues that unite us, and not the ones that separate us.

With regard to certain ads that have appeared in many of our local newspapers and condemned the ELCA, I can only hope that anyone willing to spend this amount of money to push their own moral agenda will be recognized by the public as what they really are -- crackpots. This type of reasoning doesn't belong among rational, free-thinking individuals, and I'm hopeful that these individuals would recognize that there are many better places to spend their money than on this type of foolishness.

Finally, I suppose I should have turned the other cheek on this or many other issues, but it's just not in my temperament. If we're going to resort to "thumping our Bibles" over this, then "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."