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Letter: Surprise birthday party an October highlight

Hello Worthington!

The time is going so fast. The last month I was really busy.

In October I had my golden birthday, and Kayli and my friends did a surprise party for me. We had planned a movie night at the Kuhls' farm. Kayli and I went to Family Video to pick a few movies for the night. Since we were done, she closed my eyes with a scarf. In that moment I didn't know what was going on; I was kind of nervous when we drove around. I couldn't see anything. And then we stopped and i walked into a building and they said "Surprise Party -- Happy Birthday!" We were at Oxford Bowl. We had so much fun, and it was an awesome surprise birthday party.

At Halloween I went out with my friends, trick or treat. I was dressed up as a mermaid. We also have Halloween in Germany, but it is not as big as here.

I went with the high school to Iowa, and we saw the musical "Hairspray." It is an awesome musical, and I really like the music. Now I am excited to do the musical in our school. I also went to Sibley for an international weekend for foreign exchange students. I met students from Japan, China, Switzerland, Croatia, Sweden and Germany. We had nice conversations about the different school systems and America. We saw the musical "Beauty and the Beast," and the costumes were so beautiful. We stayed for one night with a host family, and on the next day we hung out together and watched movies and talked.

This past weekend I changed my host family, which is exciting for me. I moved into town and am staying with the Williamsons. Emily and I were in tennis together.