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Letter: Tips for a safe holiday season

The Worthington Police Department wishes everyone a happy holiday season. We hope that your shopping experience in Worthington and Nobles County is a joyous one. Please take extra care when driving in the winter conditions.

When shopping, please place your purchases in the trunk or hidden out of sight if there isn't a trunk in your vehicle. Lock your vehicle, and again don't leave valuables where they can easily be seen. Be aware of your surroundings when carrying your purchases to your vehicle; a person can become an easy target with their arms loaded with items.

At home, take extra care to keep your home safe from unwanted visitors making entry and taking what you have worked hard to earn. Lock your doors, and make your home a harder target by putting in deadbolts and using lights with motion detectors. Call (507) 295-5400 if you would like a home security screening or to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Take the extra time to be safe during the holidays. Please share this advice with your family and friends. Remember this advice wherever you may go; it may prevent a theft in your own driveway. Even though we are filled with the hope this season brings, there are always those who will dash our hope to satisfy their greed and selfishness. Happy holidays!