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Letter: Something's missing in economic recovery

During this past election we saw that the Catholic bishops are able to mount quite a strong presence in the political arena -- though not successful this round.

In 2001, President Bush passed a tax cut that delivered more than $1 trillion in lower taxes for the richest 5 percent of Americans and added $2.9 trillion to the federal deficit. Where were the bishops, the Basil the Greats, who faced exile in saying that "the coat hanging unused in the closet belongs to the one who needs it"?

In 2010, when 93 percent of the economic recovery went to the top 1 percent, where were the bishops, the Oscar Romeros who risked death to name the systemic sin that allowed the few rich at the top to exploit the poor? Where are the good shepherds who lay down their life for the fleeced flock? Where is Jesus?

Editor's note: The author formerly was a priest at St. Mary's Church, Worthington.