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Letter: Unions ignore the golden rule

The recent spectacle of union violence in Michigan sparked by the "Freedom to Work" legislation reminded me of why I hate unions, albeit their contribution to America in the past.

The tearing down of an "Americans For Prosperity" tent and an attempt to punch out a Fox News reporter were totally ignored by the agenda-driven ABC, NBC and CBS networks.

Public-sector unions have and will bankrupt municipalities, states and the country.

The recent bankrupting of Wonder Bread by the refusal of unions to compromise is typical of pro-labor (a good thing) and anti-business sentiments. What good is the union to the 18,500 people who lost their jobs?

An example of union ignorance was the rule that Twinkies and bread could not be carried on the same truck. This should be a business, not union, decision.

One reason I hated the union when I worked at Toro was they took my dues to support candidates that treated unborn children as biological waste.

Detroit was once a beautiful and prosperous city, but union ignorance has reduced its population by half and bankrupted it. They are literally bulldozing large areas of it to consolidate services to save money.