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Letter: Gun control makes sense when compared with other arguments

Too often when the topic of gun control surfaces, people fall captive to irrational fears that the government is after our guns. The anti- gun control side tries to argue with outdated thinking and irrational arguments. They love to site our Second Amendment but seem to miss the whole first half of the passage. When did a "well regulated militia" become a well-armed populace?

According to the anti- gun control side, the solution to gun violence is arming every "good guy." But then facts get in the way of their argument. Columbine had an armed guard, Virginia Tech had their own police department, Ft. Hood was a military base and the first victim of the tragedy at Newtown was a gun owner. The logic of this argument is ridiculous. And so is the logic that we shouldn't do anything because abortion is more important (which was implied in last week's letters).

If "criminals will just break the law anyway," why have any laws then? Laws deter undesirable behavior; traffic laws deter speeding while murder deters murder. Although both exist, no one is suggesting we use this logic on those laws.

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people." While partly true, it's a weak attempt to divert attention away from the fact that guns make it much easier to kill people. Why can't I own a nuclear weapon? Because nukes don't kill people, people kill people. And because the Second Amendment was actually created (when single shot muskets were the choice of weapon) to prevent a tyrannical government, I need to be equally equipped so I can adequately defend myself. See how ludicrous this logic is sounding?

Let's not put so-called national pride over national reason. Cars, planes and even baseball bats have contributed to human deaths, but assault weapons have no alternate uses -- they are designed to kill humans. We don't need assault weapons nor 30-round clips. The right to life and the right to be safe while not bearing arms trump the right to bear arms. And on the off-chance that gun control works or prevents just one massacre a year, wouldn't it be worth it?