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Letter: Hamilton's points on agriculture well-taken

Hamilton's points on agriculture well-taken

I would like to start off this letter by saying congratulations to those who have been sworn into office at our State Capitol.

I had high hopes that this session would be filled with good will and bipartisanship. However, just one hour and 30 minutes into the Minnesota House of Representatives session, a floor fight broke out between the DFL leadership and our own District 22B Rep. Rod Hamilton.

To me, it seemed that Rep. Hamilton made an excellent point about the committee changes and the importance of agriculture in our state. He refused to be bowled under by those leaders in the House, who I might add are all from the metro area, and stood up for agriculture and was effectively silenced.

I am very disappointed that the other members of the House did not see the wisdom in his actions and his amendment. Agriculture is the backbone of our great state, and it is simply the livelihood of most of us here in southwest Minnesota. It is high time that the metro-area legislators listen to us down here in Ag Country, because without us Minnesota's economy would be doomed.

I hate to say it, but it seems that the good will of this session is doomed. I think a Facebook abbreviation is most appropriate for this lack of bipartisanship that was promised to us -- SMH (shakes my head).