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Letter: Left shoots from the hip on gun control

Of the 25 mass shootings since Columbine, all could have been at least mitigated by the presence of legally concealed handguns. A case in point was the Seattle mall where the shooter shot himself when a shopper pointed a concealed handgun at him, after he had shot two people.

Why is it that when there is gun violence, the left always gets dumber?

They denounced the NRA's spokesman for stating the obvious, "The best man to stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun." Since cops are on call and the damage is done usually before they get there, that leaves us to defend ourselves and others.

Background checks are good, but just about every other gun control measure is a feel-good political stunt.

Mexico has stricter gun control than us and it's a virtual battleground between drug cartels and police. Our Department of Justice even sold criminals hundreds of guns in the "Fast and Furious" scandal.

A study of the founding of our nation and structure of government clearly shows that it feared tyranny. Our founders' experience in Europe and knowledge of history were impetus for the limiting of central powers, the linchpin of which were three branches of government and the 10th Amendment, which gave the states responsibility in all but 17 enumerated powers. Our founders were wise men, and we ignore them at great peril.

The right of citizens to keep and bear (carry) arms cannot be infringed upon, period.

I for one would feel safer if one or many of school personnel carried concealed weapons, with proper training. Dianne Feinstein calls this idea a distraction. Would she feel that way if her kids were shot up?