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Letter: "We need Wyatt Earp rules for gun control"

The pernicious poison of the powerfully practiced tongue with a mercilessly malicious, woefully unyielding, extrapolation of the virtues of our violent society, all at the behest of a badly behaving benefactor (vis-a-vis Wayne LePierre and ilk) must be dismissed all with a dutifully promise -- this nightmare is over.

It is, and to be expected, an exaggerated enthusiasm of anti-life activists with a great cry of insipid sentiments, offer up yet another bevy of glib responses, a repeated spiel spouting out delusion versus any rational answer to real problems.

A time ago, my essay, "My Favorite Republican," appeared here, and now I add another to this short list -- Wyatt Earp. He shot quite well from the hip and, indeed, was "a good man with a gun."

We need Wyatt Earp rules for gun control. Check your guns.

Radical rhetoric rambling on about machine guns and "tyrannical government" is but the froth of mad dogs. It is nothing less than insensitive and inane. The arguments are effete as they are ignorant.

We have gun controls already. Hunting deer with a 30-round clip is illegal. So should it when it comes to gunning down young children.

There is an illegal gun trade is this country, and it needs to end. Unscrupulous and unscreened sales proliferate terror. Automobiles are tracked; guns need to be accounted the same way.

Splitting hairs on what defines an assault weapon is a useless yet purposeful distraction, turning our attention away from rapid fire mayhem rend up from one more "troubled young man." If that horrible vision of school children being shot multiple times is being obscured by Second Amendment sycophants and the anti-constitutional agenda of abortion abolitionists, I have one more: not long ago in our state a 4-year old boy found a carelessly placed handgun. Tragedy ensued when he shot his 2-year old brother dead.

This is what I think about when I think about gun control. Check your guns. Trigger locks, locked storage, separate ammunition makes such things preventable.

We need more of my favorite Republicans. Where are you now, Wyatt Earp?