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Letter: Unions do more harm than good

In Barbara Bak's (Jan. 9) rebuttal to my letter "Unions Ignore Golden Rule" (Dec. 22), she wonders where I get my information.

First, if you don't know unions contribute to political candidates, you live on another planet. On page 5 of the same issue (Dec. 22) there was article titled, "Hamilton Task: Defend Rural America." Under the subtitle "No Unions," it says, "Rep. Mary Franson ... plans to introduce "Family Freedom Act. She expects Gov. Dayton to push a law requiring unionization of family personal care attendants and home child care providers. Public unions are big donors to Dayton and other Democrats. Dayton is facing a tough reelection and he needs as much money as possible from the unions ..."

I am not a disgruntled ex-worker, even though Toro has to push workers hard in order to be profitable in a global market. While I was there, Toro had to build a plant in Mexico to fulfill a huge order of $300 mowers for Home Depot. This could not be done with union wages. We made them in Windom at zero profit until the plant was completed.

All your holiday pay is taken from you in dues and then some.

Many new car plants are being built in "right to work" states, which is why Detroit is a disaster area. Their new law is probably too late to save Detroit. About $1,000 of every new car goes to pay union benefits.

Toro is a great company, but it would have been more pleasant to work there without the union.

Private sector unions may be 14 percent of the work force, but it's the public sector unions that are bankrupting the country. Wake up and smell the third world air.