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Letter: Gun registration, background checks won't help

Most of the shootings we hear about are done by angry, unruly young males who may have mental problems and don't know the word "no." Let's control them.

Chicago has strict gun laws, but has a high number of gunshot deaths. They have a 50-percent school dropout rate. Many of these males are raised by single moms with no parenting skills and no father role models.

How are registering guns and background checks going to change this? Most of the guns used in crimes will never go through this process.

Jesus' love is the answer, but our government has removed the Ten Commandments from public view while catering to other "religions." We need to see "Thou shalt not kill" and live by it.

These young killers may have mental problems, but they aren't dumb. They go after innocent, unarmed people. Have you ever heard of a police station as their target?

Wake up, America, before the only ones with guns are the kooks.