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Letter: New rules for guns make sense

"I don't want to be punished because of some looney with a gun!"

Have you ever heard the phrase "One bad apple spoils the bunch?" You, Mister or Madam Gun Owner, may not enjoy the legislation that is being presented in federal and state congresses, but you can absolutely thank those loonies for that legislation for being necessary.

Gun control doesn't mean "gun confiscation." It means requiring gun manufacturers and gun sellers to be more proactive in preventing those loonies from getting guns in the first place, and to suffer the consequences when they aren't proactive.

Think of it like a car: seat belts are cumbersome and annoying most of the time, but they have been proven to save lives. Air bags are necessary to prevent injuries in case of an accident. Anti-lock brakes prevent hydroplaning and skidding on the ice. But before you can even get behind the wheel, you are required to attend classes and take tests to prove that you are responsible enough to operate such heavy and dangerous machinery.

These stringent safety measures for automobiles have resulted in a drastic decrease in automobile deaths in America. If such measures are mandatory for automobiles, why shouldn't they be required for guns?

On a final note: I agree that we shouldn't have people who know nothing about guns write gun laws. However, we also shouldn't have people who know nothing about mental health problems and treatments write mental health laws. And it turns out, many members of Congress fall under both categories.