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Letter: Unions part of 'checks and balance system'

I'd like to chime in on the conservation between Barb Bak and Mike Bogel about the unions.

As far as Mike's comment about Gov Dayton needing money for his reelection bid, I think he has that covered.

Mike had stated that TORO had to build a plant in Mexico because it couldn't make a profit (because of union labor) on its walk-behind mowers. My question would be this: Why would TORO have a plant in Windom for the past 50-plus years and continue to lose money? The plant in Mexico only helps the profits of TORO. Check out the stock market sometime.

The union workers do not see any major pay increases each year because of the profits. Since Mike has the time to do his research, check into what the CEO and board of directors get, as far as incentives or their salaries.

The unions are agents of the people, for the people, so the people have someone to talk on their behalf. This prevents companies from doing whatever they want, like a checks and balance system.

One last thing, Mike. If TORO was a great place to work, why did you quit?