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Letter: Dayton disappoints with tone, message

After listening to Gov. Mark Dayton's State of the State Address on Feb. 6, I was disappointed with the governor's partisan tone and continued tax-and-spend message.

The governor took credit for the budget that was approved two years ago and the 72,000 jobs that have been created since 2010, but he now wants to change course. The Dayton budget would increase state spending by more than $2.5 billion and increase taxes by $3.7 billion -- many of which will be paid for by all Minnesotans. His proposed $38 billion budget also contains $167 million in budget reductions.

Beyond the budget, the governor focused on a business "adopt a school" program, restricting the use and sale of firearms in the state and legalizing gay marriage.

I would have liked to hear the governor say more about real reforms that will improve our state economy and improve how government operates in this state. I do, however, credit Gov. Dayton in highlighting his support of the Agricultural Growth, Research and Innovation program and all it does to strengthen greater Minnesota.

In the coming weeks, our House committees will likely give the governor's plan a fair hearing. I look forward to participating in this budget discussion.