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Letter: Cuts to long-term care are shocking, wrong

Recently, the Minnesota House Democratic majority unveiled its budget targets for the next two years. The proposal would spend more than $39 billion on state government programs -- nearly $4 billion more than what's being spent in our current budget -- and contains a $2.4 billion increase in state taxes.

With this in mind, I was surprised to learn that the House majority also plans to cut $150 million in spending for people who care for Minnesotans with disabilities and our elderly.

Earlier this session, we put together a bipartisan, bicameral group to advocate for long-term care employees. I really thought we were going to help our elderly and people with disabilities this year because we were working together across party lines, and then House Democratic leadership came out with this proposal and I was completely surprised.

I have been a tireless advocate for nursing homes and long-term care facilities since my election to the Minnesota House. Since this House Democrat position was unveiled, many area residents have shared their concerns with me. I'm hearing from many folks back home, which is great because I can then take this correspondence to leadership and show them how the public feels and tell them they are absolutely wrong.

With only a few weeks left in session, I encourage residents to stay involved and make their voices heard.