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Letter: Be sure to thank a teacher on Tuesday

Tuesday, May 7, is National Teacher Day. I would like to encourage everyone in our region to be sure to thank a teacher for helping to make our schools great. Great teachers provide great instruction and great instruction provides great outcomes. Quality instruction is the single, most important factor in the educational achievement of our school children.

As we know, few other professionals touch as many lives as teachers do. If you haven't done so in the past, National Teacher Day is a good time to stop and thank teachers for their hard work and dedication. How can you thank a teacher? There are many ways, but some specific examples might be to:

* Provide school supplies for the classroom;

* Purchase age-appropriate books for your child's classroom;

* Donate books to the school library in honor of your favorite teacher;

* Contact your child's teacher and ask how you can help by volunteering in the classroom; or,

* Send a "report card" to the principal.

Most importantly, remembering teachers on National Teacher Day by simply saying "thank you" will go a long way in recognizing the hard work of our children's teachers.

The SW/WC Service Cooperative is proud of all the teachers in our region, and on behalf of our board, I want to publicly thank teachers for all their hard work and dedication. The SW/WC Service Cooperative provides a variety of services and programs to school districts in southwest and west central Minnesota, and looks forward to our continued partnerships with our member schools and their teachers.