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Letter: Legislator lends support to pro-life initiatives

During a recent House floor debate on health and human services legislation, I supported a number of initiatives that support the unborn. These were common sense pro-life proposals, and I was pleased they were brought forward for a House floor vote.

Because abortion facilities are neither licenses nor inspected, I voted in favor of a plan that requires them to be licensed in the same manner as outpatient surgical centers, and allows them to potentially face inspections twice each year. A second provision specifies abortions would not be included in the essential health benefit package for policies sold in Minnesota's new health insurance exchange, though it makes an exception for abortions performed in order to save the life of the mother or when the pregnancy resulted from a sexual assault.

The final proposal issues a clarification to a current Minnesota law stating that insurance companies can't be required to provide abortion coverage.

All of the provisions were supported by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) and were approved by a majority of the full House.

The goals of these bills are to ensure the safety of women and protect the unborn, and I was pleased with the House support for each of these pro-life initiatives.