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Letter: Hy-Vee employees saved people from scam

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Hy-Vee employees Karri and Shawnda at the customer service counter. On May 1, they helped my parents and prevented them from sending $3,000 to a scam, supposedly to get their grandson out of jail.

Their caring attitude toward their customers and their alert response to the situation prevented an elderly couple from making a regrettable mistake. They even helped my parents call their grandson to make sure that he hadn't called them for help, giving them the reassurance they needed at the time.

Thank you again to Karri and Shawnda for going "above and beyond" in helping their customers. And a reminder to everyone that these phone scams sound very real. Please be very sure of the situation before you send any money.

My parents thought they were helping a grandson in trouble and were only doing what any loving grandparents would do for their family. Thanks to the women at Hy-Vee, things ended well for them and no money was lost.