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Letter: Tax hike proposal will hurt all hardworking taxpayers

Following a nearly nine-hour debate on the Minnesota House floor, the Minnesota House Democratic majority approved a nearly $2.7 billion tax increase proposal that will financially impact every Minnesotan. I joined all other Republicans in opposing the measure.

The proposal represents the largest tax increase in the last three decades. The majority party claimed it wanted to just tax the rich, but the reality is it is going to raise taxes on Minnesotans in every tax bracket.

The tax bill will result in a large portion of Minnesota filers receiving an income tax increase, even those with incomes as low as $22,000. The House Democrat plan will also raise taxes on Internet purchases, sports memorabilia, rental cars, cigarettes and alcohol, to name a few.

The live-within-your-means decisions made over the past two years have led to an improved economy in Minnesota. Now is the wrong time to change the course and propose major tax increases.

We have the opportunity to keep making Minnesota's government more efficient and more effective. We should continue down the road of recovery and the current path of prosperity.