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Letter: Class trip to Berlin was memorable

Hello Worthington! What wonderful changing months April and the beginning of May have been. Spring has finally officially arrived, with comfortable temperatures and lots of sunshine.

A class trip to Berlin was a highlight of May. Almost 50 of us took the seven-hour bus ride to the capital city. The ride went quickly, and we were instantly greeted by American food chains that I haven't seen for nine months -- Dunkin' Donuts, KFC and Burger King, to name a few. We were in Berlin for four days, and I was pleased to show my classmates how to order and eat the right things.

In Berlin, I saw so many cool things. A few of my favorites were: Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and the Holocaust Memorial.

Brandenburg Gate is the entrance to the historical part of Berlin; the gate is also historical, being completed in 1791. I'm sure most of you have seen it on TV or in photos -- it's the building with tall pillars with the horses on top.

Reichstag is the seat of Parliament in Germany. New laws are discussed here. This was a really cool tour. We were able to see all of the building, and then we had the chance to pretend to be representatives of the states of Germany, and take part in discussions of potential laws.

The Holocaust Memorial I found really interesting. Up on top there is a field of pillars -- I read it consists of 2,711 pillars, but I didn't count! They're all different lengths, and it looks really cool. For more information about the meaning of the pillars, Google the museum. Underneath the pillars is the museum, which is really well done. As you walk in there's a fully detailed timeline of the genocide. As you go on, you see letters from the victims wrote to their loved ones. There are many rooms here, but my favorite was a room where they had everything all black with four projectors, one on every wall. Here the name of a victim is displayed, and then a dialogue biography of each person is read over loudspeakers -- usually lasting about three minutes or so. After this museum, I had my picture taken in front of the U.S. Embassy. Berlin was a really great trip!

What I really like right now here in Crailsheim is the fantastic spring landscape. The lightly rolling hills are gently covered in deep green colors, courtesy of wheat. Adding a bright touch of yellow here and there are fields of rape. This crop is used to make vegetable oil. I love it when the sun shines and you stand on a hill and see this beautiful scene for miles. It's simply perfect. Planting looks like it's already finished up. They use really small implements compared to us, but everything is so curvy and hilly here that large ones really wouldn't work well. I haven't seen a square field yet! Some of the corn is already coming up. Nobody plants soybeans because they don't grow well here.

I'm really looking forward to my next two-week break of school coming up. My host family is taking me to Turkey with them on vacation. We'll be gone for ten days! I'm sure it'll be fantastic. My mom and sister will be coming for a visit when I get back from vacation.