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Letter: Rural votes rendered meaningless in St. Paul

Well, it has finally happened. Just when you thought this state could not sink any lower, we're proven wrong again with the passage of gay marriage.

The state should not in any way, shape or form be an advocate of sexual perversion. By voting to allow gay marriage, this is exactly what has been done.

The way members of the controlling Democratic party conducted themselves is appalling. It had nothing to do with democracy. They should call themselves members of the Socialist party by the way business was conducted. The same is true in the way Democrats pushed for unionizing daycare providers. Why should the state be involved in that at all? They crawled out of bed with gays and turned right around to jump into bed with the unions.

I watched the proceedings on TV in the evenings and could not believe the arrogance the Democrats displayed when someone raised a question or tried to make an amendment to the bill. Credit needs to be given to Sen. Bill Weber and Sen. Julie Rosen for trying to stand up and do the right thing against impossible odds. It's too bad Minneapolis and St. Paul are part of Minnesota, because our vote out here no longer counts.

We would be better served by having one representative from each county and eliminating the House and Senate as they exist today. This would give more fair representation to the rest of the state.