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Letter: Keep our jobs here at home

As our economy continues to recover, our elected officials should do everything they can to safeguard American jobs.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations pose a potential threat to hundreds of thousands of American jobs, and this fact is not getting enough attention. Vietnam, which is part of the free-trade negotiations, is pushing to get rid of a long-standing textile rule that generates revenue and jobs for the U.S.; specifically, they are trying to discard the yarn forward rule of origin.

The yarn forward rule states that for a garment to be duty free, it must originate -- from the yarn stage forward -- in a country that is part of the free trade agreement. If Vietnam is successful in getting this rule dropped from the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, they will be able to flood the U.S. market with cheap garments made from textiles they sourced from China. This would endanger over 500,000 American textile jobs.

I hope that our representatives will not support a Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement unless it includes the yarn forward rule and preserves American jobs and industry.