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How to detect a bedbug infestation

This photo depicts an adult bedbug. Bedbugs have been discovered in a Worthington motel, as well as in a rental house in the Worthington community.

How can I detect an infestation? Bed bugs typically cluster together in favorable harborage areas. However, some bed bugs will live by themselves, away from the majority of the infestation.

The best way to determine if you have an infestation is to look for bed bugs where you sleep (or rest) and where you typically set down luggage (or bags) when you enter the residence.

In bedrooms, look particularly around box springs, mattresses, bed frames, tufts, folds, and buttons on mattresses, furniture, such as desks and chairs, behind wallpaper, clocks and pictures, cracks in wood floors, and under the edge of carpet.

While bed bugs are most commonly found in bedrooms, infestations can also occur in other rooms, including bathrooms, living rooms and laundry rooms.